“Stressful Dice” Team-building Activity

1 die for each group
1 pencil for each group
1 paper (numbered to 100) for each group

1. Put students in groups of 4 or 5
2. Give each group a die, pencil, and paper
3. One person rolls the dice to begin. The person to the left writes the numbers that are rolled on the paper numbered 1 to 100. The writer continues to write until the roller rolls a 1, then they pass the dice to the right and takes the paper and pencil and begins recording the new roller’s numbers until they get a 1, and pass.
4. Students continue this way until the first group get to 100. Numbers must be in order and readable.

“The Name Game” Team-building Activity

Index card for each student

Write each students name on a notecard. Shuffle the cards and tape one name on each students back. Give student instructions.

Students Instructions:
You have someone else’s name on your back. You must correctly guess the name on your back, but you MAY NOT ask about the name on our back. you may only tell other people about the person whose name is on their back. You MAY NOT say the person’s name, point, or talk about clothing or accessories. When you think you are ready, tell the judge your best guess. You are limited to 2 guesses.

“Name things that…” Team-building Activity

Put students in pairs or small groups. Each group must work together to find as many things that fit into the given categories in 2 minutes.

Example Categories:
Name things that line up (kids, plantes, racers)
Name things that you fold (clothes, a poker hand)
Name things that are numbered (chapters, athletes)
Name things that you can ride (subway, bike)
Name things that change (seasons, clothes)
Name things that you can see through (a window, a lie)
Name things that you can use to carry liquid (a bottle, a bucket)
Name things that float (a boat, a cork)
Name things that are bright (headlights, smart people)
Name things that come in pairs (shoes, dice)
Name things that are orange
Name things that spin
Name things that you take out (garbage, and opponent)
Name things that are rolled (burritos, toilet paper)
Name things that have spikes (hair, cleats)
Name things that pop (knuckles, balloons)
Name things that run (motors, noses)
Name things that snap (twigs, tempers)
Name things that open (doors, eyes)
Name things that fly
Name things that bend (rules, roads)

Our Classroom Expectations

Just like everywhere else you go at SGMS, in my class I expect you to:

  • Be Respectful
  • Be Responsible
  • Be Safe

But what does that really mean???

Let’s start here:

I promise I won’t make our class like this

If you promise not to act like this:


In groups, lets talk a little about what each of our 3 expectations really mean in Reader’s Workshop.

Paraphrase/Summarize Activity

  • Choose a person who died last year from the list below
  • Research your person and record facts about their birth, life, and death.
  • Write a 3 – 5 sentence summary of the person’s life. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE. Use your paraphrasing and summarizing skills to ensure that your work is in your own words.
  • Present your work to me either printed from Word or Pages, or written on paper. Title it with your person’s name. If you have time, feel free to add appropriate images.

Osama bin Laden
Kim Jong Il
Betty Ford
Muammar al-Qaddafi

Joe Frazier
Ron Lyle
Kurt Budke
Dan Wheldon
Sarah Burke

Elizabeth Taylor
Andy Rooney
Amy Winehouse
Heavy D
Leslie Nielson

Steve Jobs
Baruch Blumberg

“Daniel Boone” by Arthur Guiterman

Background Information on Daniel Boone

Copy of the Poem “Daniel Boone”

Vocabulary Words for “Daniel Boone” by Arthur Guiterman

Use the sentences below to help you understand the meaning of each bold word. We will make a vocabulary square for each.

Because no one would come with me, I was the lone student walking the rocky trail to the top of the mountain.


I could tell the dogs had trod on the carpet, because I could see their muddy footprints


Uncle Hank roved the streets of town all night because he didn’t know where to go and Aunt Sally had kicked him out.


Even thought they are my kin, I am embarrassed to be seen with my cousins.


The stool my grandpa made with his ax was hewn from one solid old log.


I like to visit the glen because having the hills on either side makes it peaceful and private.


Even though it takes a lot of work, I strive to always have all of my homework done to the best of my ability.


When I kicked the beehive, an angry horde of bees flew out and chased me all the way to the pond.


I looked out at the vast ocean, amazed that no matter how hard I stared I couldn’t see the other side.


When I got home I noticed that bits of trash were strewn all about the house, and I knew that the dog had gotten into the garbage can again.

Vocabulary Brag

Congrats to all my students who successfully used all 11 of our vocabulary words in a story. I’m proud of you!!


Kansas and I had a consultation. Kansas was indignant. She divulged my secret. She said she would be discreet. She said Bailey was implicated so we formulated what we were going to do. We all perused Bailey. She said I was ostensible and that I speak eloquently. She was vexing. I was listless.



My family and I had a discreet consultation to help formulate an idea for the contest. We think my brother divulged our vexing problem, but we couldn’t implicate him by perusing. My mom was listless about asking him. My brother was indignant because he thought we were blaming him. We knew my brother was ostensible, because he was too nice on the inside.



I was walking down the hall and I saw my friend and I divulged a secret. My other friend was sitting there and started to get indignant because I didn’t tell him what I was talking about. Then I went in class and I started talking eloquently to all of my friends and teachers about something I saw on the news yesterday. Then one of the kids argued vexingly because I said something and he didn’t believe me. He left the room and I was the only one left in the classroom so I shut the door and locked it, then I discreetly got in his bag and put the class’s snake in it. Then later on he opened his bag and saw it and screamed so the teacher put it back in the bag. Everyone perused the teacher. I formulated a plan to keep me from being caught. I implicated the other kid to get me out of trouble. Then later that day I hosted a consultation for my friends. I was in an ostensibly abandoned building because it was really nice on the inside. By the time I got home at 9:30 I was listless.



We had a consultation about a vexing problem. We were divulging things we knew about the murder of Alice Smith. We had to formulate a plan to implicate Alice’s brother because he had something to do with her death. But we had to do this discreetly because someone might become indignant about what we’re talking about. Detective Melanie gave an eloquent speech about how she thinks that Alice’s brother is only ostensibly innocent and thinks that he is hiding something from them. While everyone was taking their turn telling what they know I was sitting back perusing everything that was said. After the consultation was over everyone was listless.



My family and I sat down to have a consultation. My dad would just sit there listlessly while we were formulating our plan to see where we wanted to go for Christmas vacation.

My mom said, “Hawaii? And Bob, you’re implicated in our conversation!”

India said, “Florida?” and I said, “Arizona?” But of course everyone went with India’s idea so I was indignant.

“But who will discreetly watch our house?” I said.

“Maybe the Kranks because they won’t divulge that we are gone,” said mom.

So we got a brochure to the best hotel in South Florida.

“It looks nice,” mom said.

“Mom, make sure you peruse and read the fine print,” I said, “they might try to eloquently trick you.”

My mom was vexed by the idea. The hotel was ostensible: the workers were nice until you stepped into the building, but you never came out the same person…



Today I called a discreet consultation to talk about an indignant statement that was said earlier. The place we met for the consultation was ostensibly welcoming. The building was small and had flowers and bushes on the outside. The inside was bare and a huge space of… nothing. The place was listless. The crowd was listless. The eloquent speaker started to talk about the indignant statement.

We tried to keep our consultation discreet, but someone divulged our meeting to the press. The press perused every detail. We had to formulate an idea to keep the story out of the newspaper. We discreetly came up with a plan and some people perused all the details. The idea became vexing because some people were not listening so I had to repeat myself over and over again. Later a person divulged our discreet plan again to the press.

Later we implicated Senator Robert Lowry as the person divulging our vexing secrets to the press. So later we had a consultation to see if he got to keep his seat as senator. He became indignant with the results.



Kevin was so indignant! He didn’t understand how his friend Jimmy could get all the girls! Of course Kevin was ostensibly happy for him. Jimmy thought that maybe Kevin should speak more eloquently, but that plan failed. When Kevin got home from school he began to formulate a plan to get the prettiest girl in school, Amy, to like him. By the end of the night his brain was listless! The next day at school Kevin decided to discreetly peruse Amy to find out things she liked to do or talk about. He followed her around every hallway. Luckily, they had a lot of classes together. During 6th hour Jimmy started to notice Kevin’s odd behavior so he called him over to the lunch table for a consultation. Jimmy asked Kevin why he was acting weird and following Amy around. Kevin said he had no idea what Jimmy was talking about and that he was not implicated by his accusation. Jimmy didn’t believe that at all. He ended up coming to the conclusion that Kevin liked Amy. Jimmy stood on the table to divulge Kevin’s secret. Kevin was so embarrassed and never came back to school again.

-Hannah H.


As the Mac’ Daddy at my business, I am holding a consultation on how to be a “BOSS”, and to learn how to speak: eloquent. My co-workers weren’t putting forth any effort to be productive, it was vexing – yes, very vexing. After dealing with that issue, I was listless. My ex-husband’s best friend was being indignant about everything. I am very Mac’ Daddyish about everything on the inside, rather than the outside – I’m just a BOSS, – call me ostensible. People implicate me for being a Mac’ Daddy. It’s not divulging – everybody already knows. “Mac’ Daddy” was not a formulation – it was created by me – the Head Mac’ Daddy! I peruse my Mac’ Daddy abilities, but I don’t let it become known, discreetly.



Dear Mr. Joensen:

This letter is to inform you that we will be having a consultation. I will be eloquent. I have been hearing you are being very vexing. Just because this business is ostensible doesn’t mean you have to be vexing. You are also listless, and we need people who aren’t. This meeting and letter is secret, so please don’t divulge it. Please peruse this letter. And if you’re going to be indignant about this, don’t do anything towards me. All we are asking is that you implicate yourself and formulate ideas. We don’t want you to be discreet about this, just don’t tell a lot of people.



Last Tuesday I was hit in the back of the head with a metal pipe. I laid listlessly on the ground for 5 hours trying to formulate a plan to get back at my enemy, but I thought to myself that that would be indignant. But the next day he hit me in the back with a golf club. This was becoming vexing. So I didn’t get even, when I got back I hired a lawyer for a discreet consultation. As he began talking I started to peruse him as he was divulging how to get back at my enemy. This man was very eloquent and he persuaded me to tell my enemy my plan, but not do it to scare him. As I told my enemy my plan he began to cry, so I knew he wasn’t ever mad at me, but was simply ostensible.



Once there was a pony. The pony always spoke very eloquently, saying stuff like, “Let us get some tea!” But today she was very listless. So everyone else decided to have a consultation discreetly.

“Mrs. Pink Party Pony is vexing us with her words, making no one understand her and everyone knows she is ostensible and tries to divulge all kinds of things!” said Red Riding Rhino.

So they started to formulate a plan. They made sure to peruse the details and not to implicate anyone.

“Hey Pink Party Pony!” said Angie Angel, and she heard something at the door, “Hold up!” she said. Everyone was in the hallway so she told them to get out!