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This is where I post class plans for each week. Dates in the future are always subject to change!


April 2 -4

Monday - Book Project, Independent Reading

Tuesday – Constructed Response Practice

Wednesday – Go over Constructed Response Practice


March 26 – 30

Monday - Book Project, Independent Reading

Tuesday – Finish and go over Hollywood Code Red

Wednesday – Vocabulary Brackets

Thursday – Jeopardy

Friday - Book Project, Independent Reading


March 19-23

Monday- Book Project, Independent Reading

Tuesday- Differentiated MAP review

Group 1 – plan and write script for MAP video

Group 2 – go over and corret last week’s work

Wednesday- Differentiated MAP review

Group 1 – record MAP video

Group 2 – MAP review using popular music

Thursday- Hollywood Code Red

Friday- Book Project, Independent Reading

March 12 – 16
Monday – Go over Book Project Expectations and Options, Independent Reading
Tuesday – Whole group word with “Antarctica”, Individual Work with “Circles” and “Sports in the Making: Tennis”
Wednesday – Individual conferences over Benchmark Scores, Independent Reading
Thursday – “A Windmill Dilemma”
Friday – “Guardian of the Nations Treasures”

March 5 – 9

Monday- Independent Reading and Digital Conferencing
Tuesday – Students assess their own work on “The Cowboy’s Home on Wheels”
Wednesday – Review of types of Figurative Language with excerpt from Chains 
Thursday – Early out PTC
Friday – Early out PTC


February 27 – March 2
Monday – Goal setting check, Independent Reading


Tuesday – “MAP Words” survey. What is fresh in our minds? What do we need to refresh?


Wednesday – “The Cowboy’s Home on Wheels”


Thursday – Unit 3 Benchmark


Friday – Reading Journals, Independent reading, Goal Setting Check

February 22 – 24

Wednesday – Personal Reading Check, charting of data

Thursday – “Fear” by Walter Dean Myers

Friday – Digital Reading Journals, Independent Reading







February 13 – 17

Monday – Snow Day!

Tuesday - Independent Reading (no computers available)

Wednesday – Differentiated groups

Group 1: Read and respond to “The Treasure of Lemon Brown” by Walter Dean Myers

Group 2: Look back at “Swimming in Snow.” Where is the text evidence for your claims? What could Courtney have used as an alternate solution for her problem? Would it have turned out better or worse? Use details from the text to support you answer.

Thursday – Read “Racist Airline Passenger” In pairs, choose 3 characters in the story and answer these questions for each:

#1 What is the problem?

#2 How did it get solved?

#3 Do you think the person was satisfied with the solution?

Writing prompt: Choose the point of view of one of the characters and retell the story from your new point of view using “I” statements

Friday - Independent Reading (no computers available)

January 6 – 10
Monday – Book Talks in Library


Tuesday – World’s Strongest Cheerleader Video Article Problem-Solution


Wednesday –  A Secret for Two Problem-Solution


Thursday – Swimming in Snow Problem-Solution


Friday – Independent Reading and Digital Conferencing

January 30 – February 3

Monday: Independent Reading

Tuesday: Summarizing Common Assessment

Wednesday: Differentiated Groups. Group 1: Storybird, Group 2: Tech Article

Thursday: Problem/Solution

Friday:  Independent Reading and Digital Conferencing

January 23-27

Monday: Independent Reading and Digital Conferencing

Tuesday: Summarizing with Daniel Boon

Wednesday: Watch Aron Ralston Video, 2nd Ralson Video, Summarizing Extreme Measures

Thursday: Summarizing Assessment

Friday:  Independent Reading and Digital Conferencing


January 17 – 20

Tuesday: Independent Reading and Digital Conferencing

Wednesday: Paraphrasing Common Assessment

Thursday: Independent Reading (Mrs. Coughlin is sick!)

Friday: Paraphrasing Flex grouping. Group 1 Click here for Summarizing activities

January 9 – 13
Monday: Independent Reading and Digital Conferencing


Tuesday: Vocabulary words for “Daniel Boone,” paraphrase activity


Wednesday: Read and discuss “Daniel Boone”


Thursday: Summarize activity with “Daniel Boone”


Friday: Independent Reading and Digital Journal Entry

January 4-6

Wednesday: Library, Reading Procedures Update, Independent Reading

Thursday: Introduce Paraphrasing and Summarizing

Friday: New Reader’s Notebook Procedures



December 19 -22


Monday: Finish vocabulary for “A Poison that Leaves No Trace”

Tuesday: Read and discuss ”A Poison that Leaves No Trace”

Wednesday: ”A Poison that Leaves No Trace”

Thursday: Independent Reading

December 12 -16

Monday: Independent Reading and Conferencing via class blog

Tuesday: SJSD CA8 Benchmark

Wednesday: SJSD CA8 Benchmark

Thursday: Vocabulary Day Experiment

Friday: Independent Reading and Book Conferencing





December 5 – 9

Monday: Independent Reading and Conferencing

Tuesday: Read “The Whale Sound” and discuss mood, theme, predicting, flashback

Wednesday: Read excerpt from Chains, discuss Unit 2 objectives

ThursdayUnit 2 Reflection

Friday:  Independent Reading and Conferencing


November 28 – December 2

Monday: Independent Reading, Conferencing about Main Idea

Tuesday: Differentiated Grouping

Group A: Comment on a blog with your opinion about the controversial topic you chose last week

Group B: Rework last week’s assignment and the write a new paragraph from the opposite viewpoint

Wednesday: Main Idea Common Assessment, Create Main Idea and Supporting Details Matching game

Thursday: Discuss Foreshadowing and begin review of Unit 2

Friday: Independent Reading, Conferencing


November 21 – 23

Monday: Independent Reading

Tuesday: Choosing the best details to support a controversial main idea

Wednesday: Independent Reading, Conferencing focus: Main Idea


November 14 – 18

Monday: Independent Reading and Group Conferencing, Focus: Final Theme Conference

Tuesday: Introduce Main Idea; Read “Maui bull freed from tire stuck on his head”; Discuss topic, main idea, and supporting details

Wednesday: Play Main Idea Shuffle; In table groups read news articles and identify main idea and supporting details

Thursday: Think about main idea and supporting details. WHY does the author choose to include what she/he does? Is there any missing information that might have helped? Why do you think the author left that out?

Friday: Independent Reading and Group Conferencing

November 7 – 11

Monday: Independent Reading and Group Conferencing, Focus: Explaining your thinking!!

Tuesday: Mood Common Assessment, grade, then read “Little Brother Poem” as a whole group.

Wednesday: Discuss what “explaining our thinking” looks like, then in groups correct a constructed response question that is missing the explanation of thinking. Share out.

Small group: Read “Million Year Picnic” in library

Thursday: Independent Reading and Conferencing

Friday: Mood/Theme Final Day: “An Obsolete Man”


October 31 – November 4

Monday: Independent Reading/Conferencing

Bloggers: Responding to comments

Tuesday: Watch Mood in Literature Video

Talk about Mood Words Beyond Happy and Sad

In groups, investigate a mood word and prepare a presentation

Wednesday: Film Mood Word Movies

Thursday: Read “The Little Brother Poem” and write about mood and theme

Friday: Independent Reading/Conferencing

October 24 – 28

Monday: Book Fair Video and Independent Reading in Library

Tuesday: Differentiated Groups:

Group 1: What is theme?

Group 2: Find the right details

Group 3: Go Deeper

Group 4: Tell the World!

Wednesday: Talk about mood with “The Tell-Tale Heart“; read excerpt from “The Scorch Trials”

Thursday: Short schedule (Parent Teacher Conferences)

Friday: Short Schedule – with advisor
Monday: Independent Reading and Notebook Conferences

Tuesday: Reverse Theme Project, Day 1

Wednesday: Reverse Theme Project, Day 2

Thursday: Theme common assessment

Friday: Independent Reading and Project Conferences

October 10 – 14

Monday: 1st – 8th hours: Independent Reading and grade conferences, group presentations of fable themes

9th hour:

Tuesday: 1st – 5th hours: Jig-saw of Theme Identification Pretest

                    8th and 9th hours:

Wednesday: Decoding Figurative Language to Discover Theme

Thursday: 21st Century Citations in Library with Mrs. Pray

Friday: Independent Reading and Conferences

October 3 -7

Monday: Independent Reading and Group Conferencing, Focus: Theme!!

Tuesday: Look over Benchmarks, Intro to Theme: It’s What It’s ALL About! (discuss Prezi and watch video of “Gone” by Switchfoot – discuss what the theme is and what evidence we can find in the text to prove it)

Wednesday: In groups, summarize an assigned Fable and then s-t-r-e-t-c-h ourminds to think about the “life lesson” that lies in the figurative meaning

Thursday: Can you Identify Theme?? Identifying appropriate theme from given choices (with sub)

Friday: Independent Reading and Conferencing

September 26 -30

Monday: Watch 2nd Half of Truman Award Nominee Videos in the library, then Independent Reading

Tuesday and Wednesday: Create a personally meaningful text-to-text connection by choosing your own song and second text and explaining how they are connected using evidence from each text

Thursday: Unit 1 Benchmark

Friday: Independent Reading and Conferencing

September 19 – 23

Monday: Watch Truman Award Nominee Videos in the library, then Independent Reading

Tuesday: Differentiated Connections Practice

Group 1: With Mrs. Coughlin, go back over answers to last Thursday’s Connections questions, then rewrite corrected answers in notebooks

Group 2: Independently read excerpts from The Compound and Escape from Saigon and analyze the connections (in notebooks).

Group 3: Begin writing first entry of personal reading blogs (in notebooks).

Wednesday: All students (excluding bloggers) read and discuss “Emotional Pain” and an excerpt from The Hunger GamesBloggers: Begin designing personal reading blogs.

Thursday: All students (excluding bloggers) compare/contrast yesterday’s texts using a Venn diagram. Assessment: How are the texts connected in a meaningful way? How are the different, which do you prefer, and why?

Bloggers: Post first entry to blog.

Friday: Independent Reading and Conferencing

September 12-16

Monday: Independent Reading and Conferencing

Tuesday: Re-read “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!”

Wednesday: Connections : “Oh, The Places You’ll Go” to “When Annoying Sounds Spark Major Rage”

Thursday: Connections: “I Hope You Dance” to “Mother to Son”

Friday: Independent Reading and Conferencing

September 5 -9


Tuesday: Independent Reading and Conferencing

Wednesday: Final day of Text Features
Create as many Text Features as you can to add meaning to this text.
Answer this question: Which of the text features that you created is most important? Why do you think it makes the article easier to understand or more interesting?

Thursday: Read “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!” as a whole group. Discuss comprehension strategies.

Friday: Take Scholastic Reading Inventory.

August 29 – Sept. 2

Monday: Independent Reading and Reading Conferences

Tuesday: Discuss grading standards and methods

Wednesday: Evaluate Text Features in “Beelzebufo: A Giant of a Find”

Thursday: Create as many Text Features as you can to add meaning to this text.

Friday: Independent Reading and Reading Conferences

August 22-26

Monday: Create a VoiceThread

Tuesday: Meet with Mrs. Pray to go over library procedures.

Wednesday: Introduce Text Features

Discussion Topic: Being able to list text features in NOT enough… you have to know WHY they are there.

Thursday: Brief discussion: The Reading Zone

First day of Independent Reading and Reading Conferences


Take notes over Text Features


August 16-19

Tuesday: Welcome and Introductions!

Wednesday: Classroom Expectations

Thursday: What is Reader’s Workshop?

Friday: Introduction to meeting as a whole group. Read (as group) The Old Woman Who Named Things


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